Mountain Bike Events 2018

Almost everyone knows what is mountain biking in this century, right? Mountain biking is an off-road bicycle racing, sometimes over rough terrain. Mountain bikers use specially designed mountain bikes for this game. Every year many events and competitions are being held in many countries.

The most popular countries for mountain biking in England and Scotland. There are many competitions and challenges is organize in those countries every year. Today’s article is for those who are insanely mad about the events of this year and ready to participate and rock it with their bikes. Here is the three best of the bests event that will be held on 2018. Without more talking let’s see the events, their specialty, and requirements. Here are these events:

1.Rat Race The Crossing

Rat Race The Crossing

As like many mountain bike events this event will be held in England. The main charm of this event is it will have 2 coasts, 3 days, and 1 great adventure with exact 200miles through the lake district. Those who love to play extreme and ride extreme , for sure you are gonna love it.

The exact location of this event is The lake district, Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors, England. The exact month of this event in August.

Those kids or people are Pro at mountain biking and want to achieve fame on this sport for those, it is a perfect platform to show your talent and get famous.

2.The Dirty Reiver

The Dirty Reiver

The Dirty Reiver is one of the most popular and adventurous events among the youngsters. This is not an official race but many popular riders come up with the plan of a 200km ride around the Kielder Forest.

The exact location of this event is Kielder Castle Forest Park Center, Northumberland, England. The month of this event in April. You can use any off-road bike you want, but many riders prefer Cyclocross bike with super-wide tires for this route. That means you will get a freezing winter environment. 2018 is the 3rd year of this event.

So there will be many popular riders who will participate in this event. If you want to meet, race, and ride your favorite riders then you should definitively participate in this challenge. But, be prepared for racing on the glorious freezing snow.

3. Under The Ben

Under The Ben

The first glance of this event’s name, surely you will be confused. But no worries. Because it is named after it’s route. This event is one of the best mountain biking event in the world and claimed as the best event in Scotland. “Under the ben” event’s exact location is Nevis Range, Scotland.And the Date is 28th April 2018. This event is still stuck to the classic endurance marathon format and that made it as a special event. Normally riders have to take aim to complete as many laps in the 10-mile route in 10 hours. Actually, this event is an actual racing event. Riders who participate in this challenge, they enjoy their ride and nature instead of winning the challenge. But still, this is one of the best events of mountain biking.