Top 4 Resons Why Everyone Should Bike To Work

Almost every adult know that riding bikes or cycling is good for your health. But there are other important and effectual benefits of cycling. As you all know that cycling does have a positive effect on your health. In this article, I will show you top 4 reasons why everyone should use the bike to go work.

Why Everyone Should Bike To Work

1. Time

For a businessman/employee, everyone has to maintain a schedule. But quite often traffic jam would catch them and eat their valuable time. If anyone uses bike as a bicycle, there is very low chance to get late again ( except someone as lazy as tortoises ). If you get ever stuck in a traffic jam with your bike, you can easily change your route and get out of the road lane. But if you use a car it is not possible to change the lane middle of a traffic jam unless you have a helicopter like Fast and Furious. This is the first reason to use a bike to go office/work.

2.Cycle is a free gym wheel

As you all know cycling is extremely good for your health. I mean both health (physical and mental). By cycling you physical joint will be improved, the muscle will get stronger and the chance will be lower to have health diseases. Meanwhile, there are also many impacts on your mental health. Cycling can give you a fresh mind in the morning. Even if you are insanely depressed, cycling can help you to get rid of distress and work with a sound mind. A daily cycling session will get you a calm thinking power, and you can make the best decision for you instantly in the real life.

3. Money

Ahhaa. Here it comes. The money. You all know how our money goes into the transportation section. Just calculate your monthly transportation expense. Even you don’t have a car and depends on public transport, you have to spend minimum 200-300$ each month (depends on the area). And if you have a car then forget it. The gasoline’s price is touching the sky right now. Everyone is searching for an alternative way instead of a car. So here it is. A bike can save you money for transportation, gasoline, and gym. And also the parking cost of your car is significantly higher than cycle parking cost So think about it for a minute.


Now this point could create a big confusion inside your head. No worries. This is a valid point. Because just think, how much speed a human can gain with bike/cycle with pedal and legs? It is safe to say that cycle is 99% safe transportation options. If you face any accident without having any contact with a car or bus then there is only a little bit of chance that accident could be fatal. Every year almost 33000 people died in a car accident. So think if we use cycle or bikes as our primary transportation the accidents and death rate will decrease dramatically.