Types of E-Bikes

The full form of E-bike is electrical bikes. Yeah, you all know that. But what you do not know if there are many types of e-bikes and each type has different features. Well, if you don’t know about e-bikes and it's typed then there are many things to talk about. An e-bike is also known as power bike/booster bike. This is a bicycle that can be powered by the pedal or if you want it can be powered by the electric motor. Almost every electric bike has rechargeable batteries.

Unfortunately, in many region e-bikes has the restriction of the speed limit. But usually most of the regions allowed lighter variant that can travel up to 25-34km/ h. And the high powered e-bikes can travel up to 45km/ h. In some countries, people started to abandon the fossil powered motorcycle and replacing by these e-bikes. Now, let's see the type of e-bikes and their features:

1. Retrofitted E-bikes

Actually, this type of bikes is normal bikes that you can modify it with a simple process with e-bike conversion kits. Kits like drive unit, onboard computer, and batteries. Also, there are some side kits like charger and so on. This process is for those who already have a bike but want an e-bike with the features of their existing bike. If you have a bike then you can give that a shot to be an e-bike.

2.Hub motor based E-bikes

As its name this type of bikes uses a hub drive motor. Basically, this e-bike comes with a front or back wheel with one that has a hub motor. It runs with the power of DC volt battery which is mounted on the back rack of the bottle cage. You can choose to ride with a pedal or with the motor assistant whenever you want. You also can find conversion kits to turn your bike to a hub motor e-bike.

3. Mid-drive E-bikes

This is a simple ordinary bike with a mid-drive motor. This type of bikes is manufacturing and you can also conversion kits of mid-drive for your bike. For this conversion, you don’t have to replace any wheel but it will require affixing a motor to a frame, which is not designed to carry it on your regular bike though. The transmission is not suitable for many bikes out there. So be careful with the conversion process.

4. Frictional Drive

A friction system involves a motor controlled roller being installed on a seat post. The roller attached to the wheel and adds power through friction with the wheel. This the most simple process of any conversion system but it is quite less powerful than others.

5.All in one Drive

This is the newest system is available on the market. This system requires the housing motor, battery, and a controller on the wheel.Some companies make conversion kits which are requires only replacing a new wheel and a small frame controller. This system will give your bike a nice, clean looking. People will not understand your bike is an e-bike at a first glance. This is the most advanced system among all those systems. Because it can support integration with smartphones and auto locking.

This e-bikes conversion system is so new that in some region it is not available for purchase but no worries, soon it will be available at your door.